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If you haven’t fallen in love with Trello yet then I don’t know what to tell you. Trello is a great online productivity tool that you can use to help stay organized with your blog and business. This online tool offers great functionality and ways to improve the overall efficiency of your business. Using the Trello shortcuts are one way to speed up your workflow process. Keep reading to learn more about my 10 favorite Trello shortcuts.

Best Trello Shortcuts to improve productivity

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What is a keyboard shortcut?

A keyboard shortcut allows you to use specific keys on the keyboard that reduces the amount of steps or clicks you have to take to achieve a particular action.

Check out the Video below on the Best Trello Shortcuts to Increase your Productivity.

You can watch the video on YouTube here.

Create a New Trello Board

The Trello board is at the top of the organizational hierarchy that is Trello. When you are on a board and not in a card you can easily access the left side board menu by pressing the “B” key. You can either select from an already created board or create a new Trello board.

Screenshot of Trello shortcut

Create a New List Quickly

There is no special key, to create a new list, but instead of having to scroll to the right to get to the end of the line of your lists you can double click any on any open space on your board or double click in between two lists and you will be able to create a new list right there.

screenshot of creating a list in trello with shortcut

Create a New Trello Card

Instead of having to scroll down the list to get to the end you can insert the card in the list directly where you want it to go. Hover over the card above and press “N” on the keyboard. It will create a new card right below.

screenshot of creating a new card in trello with shortcut

Pro Tip #1: If you start to type in a card on one list and realize that it wasn’t the right list you can stop right there and move over to the next list and the data you already typed will appear on the card on the list.

Pro Tip #2: You can also use the circumflex accent “^” (had to look the name up). When you type “^” + a number it will add the card to that number position. For example if I type ^2. The card will be put in the 2nd position on the list. Instead of a number you can also write “top” or “bottom”.

Pro Tip #3: You can also quickly add a label to your card from the start by using the hashtag or octothorp sign “#” + “writing the color” or “writing the label name”. For example, if I type #red then I can easily select the red label for this card.

Pro Tip #4: If you want to go straight into the back of the card to add more detail hit “shift” + “enter” and it will open the card.

Archive a Card with a push of a button

Besides creating cards, sometimes you want to get rid of a Trello card. Easily archive a card by using the keyboard shortcut “C”. Maybe “C” for closing a card? That is one way to help you remember this shortcut.

Quickly add a due date to your Trello card

Easily add a due date to your card by hovering over your card and press “D” on your keyboard. This will bring up the Due Date menu. Select the due date and a reminder time.

Easily assign a member to your Trello card

When using Trello you want to assign yourself or another member to a card so they will receive the notifications regarding any activity that happens with that card.

You can easily assign yourself to a Trello card by hovering over the card and pressing the “Spacebar”.

If you want to assign another member hover over the card and press the “M” key. This will pull up the Member’s menu where you can assign a member to the card.

Shortcut to assign a Label to a Trello Card

Previously I mentioned above that you can use “#” + “label color” or “label name”. There are also two additional shortcuts to add labels to a card.

  1. Hover over your card and press the “L” key. This will pull up the label menu. From here you can easily assign a label a name.
  2. When you hover over a card you can press the number associated with a given label. In the label menu the colors are in the order: green (1), yellow (2), orange (3), red (4), purple (5), and blue (6). If I wanted to assign the orange label I would hover over a card and press 3. To use this Trello shortcut you need to become familiar with the number associated with the labels.

Filter Your Cards 

One of the nice features of Trello is the ability to apply a filter to only see certain cards with a label or assigned to a particular member.

Pull up the Filter Menu – quickly pull up the filter menu by selecting the “F” key. Here you can filter by a search term, label, member or date.

Filter just your cards – Press “Q” on the keyboard and it will only show you the cards you are assigned to.

Search your board

To quickly search Trello for a given keyword select the “/” forward slash and your cursor will be positioned within the search bar at the top.

Shortcut helps

If you happen to forget these shortcuts and want a quick way to see the Trello shortcuts just select the “?” key and it will pull up a help menu for you.

There you have it. My favorite Trello shortcuts to help increase productivity. If you want a full list of Trello shortcuts click here.

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