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As a blogger content is everything. Finding ways to improve your content creation process is important. If you are a blogger who is looking to improve your craft then you might consider purchasing the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit by Ultimate Bundles. This toolkit is a bundled package full of a lot of great resources at a deeply discounted price. Today I am going to share with you my experience with the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit and share 5 tips on how to make the most out of your purchase.

What is the Create, Launch, Convert Toolkit?

The Create, Launch, Convert toolkit by Ultimate Bundles in a package of different blogging resources to help you create content for your blog, email list, social media and so much more.

This massive bundle is a great resource for any new or experienced blogger because it is packed full of different content creation related topics aimed to help you create better content. Whether you are a blogger, email marketer, social media influencer, YouTuber or you sell your own products there is something for everyone.

Create, Launch, Convert

Every year Ultimate Bundles comes out with new awesome bundle full of great tools and resources. This year they are launching a brand new bundle called Create, Launch, Convert. The Create, Launch Convert 2022 toolkit is currently on sale now and is only offered for a limited time. In this guide we will look at the tools and resources that are being offered in the Create, Launch, Convert 2022 bundle. Keep reading to learn more about which courses and resources I recommend depending on which stage you are in for your blogging journey.

What is in the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit?

Each bundle offered by Ultimate Bundles is unique and the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit is no exception. The Create, Launch, Convert 2022 edition offers a variety of resources aimed to help you create better content.

The topics include creating content for your blog, email marketing, product creation, social media content and video content.

To help you with your decision I have shifted through this toolkit to make my recommendations based on your goals and what you want to accomplish.

Best Resources for Beginner Bloggers

If you are a brand new blogger just getting started with content creation and writing blog posts for your blog then these helpful resources are included in the 2022 Create, Launch, Convert toolkit.

Have a good solid content plan in place

Creating a content plan is important for your blog. This helps to keep you accountable.

  • Check out Content Plan + Content Calendar Bundle (eCourse) by Mim Jenkinson ($37.00 value). In this course you will come up with a 30 day content plan and calendar for your blog. Having a content plan and goal in place is important for accountability.
  • Also, 5-Day Content Challenge (eCourse) by Stacey Ogden ($37.00 value) will show you how to create 6 months worth of blog, podcast or video content ideas in just 5 days.

Create your content

Sometimes half of the battle is just sitting down and doing the work. Once you have your content plan in place now it is time to get down to business and start creating your content.

  • Check out Lightning Fast Content Creation (eCourse) by Sadie Smiley ($127.00 value). In this course Sadie will share with your strategies and tips on how to write blog posts faster.
  • In 5-Day AI Writing Challenge (eCourse) by Suzi Whitford ($47.00 value) you will learn how to leverage artificial intelligence to help you create higher quality content faster.

It is one thing to create content, but it is another to create content based on a strategy.

  • Check out 7 Traffic Generating Blog Post Templates (eCourse) by Lena Gott ($39.00 value). Lena shares her templates for her top 7 types of blog posts that have helped her bring in over 23 million page views.

Best Resources for Experienced Bloggers

I would term an experienced blogger as someone who already has their blog set up with a good number of blog posts. They are already starting to see some traffic to their blog, but they are now looking to take their blog to the next level. At this point you are focused on traffic and income growth.

Here are some resources included in this bundle that could be good for an intermediate blogger.

Build and Grow your Email list

At this stage you should be focused towards building your email list.

  • Check out Email List Booster Toolbox (eCourse) by Monica Froese ($97.00 value). In this course you will learn essential strategies on how to grow your email list.
  • As an experienced blogger it is all about finding ways to work smarter and not harder. Check out High Converting Sales Email Series (eCourse) by Rachel Ngom ($97.00 value). In this course Rachel will show you how to set up an email series that converts. She will show you her exact email series that makes her an extra $2,000/month without doing anything extra. That is the power of a good email list!

Cultivate your Audience through Social Media

Understanding your social media strategy is essential at this stage of the game because you want to maximize your traffic. Here are some of the resources the Create, Launch, Convert bundle offers for the various social media platforms including:

  • Social Hype Kit (eCourse) by Kate Danielle ($37.00 value) – This course will help you create a consistent brand on social media and it includes over 70 Canva templates.
  • The Idea Pin Framework: How to Create Idea Pins for Your Business (eCourse) by Kate Ahl ($37.00 value). This course will show you all you need to know for creating engaging idea pins on Pinterest.
  • Grow Your Group (eCourse) by Sandra De Freitas ($37.00 value. In this course Sandra shows you how to engage your Facebook group and ways to monetize your group.

Find ways to expand your income potential by creating your own products to serve the needs of your audience. In the next section we will explore different ways you can monetize your content.

Best Resources for Growing Your Blog Income

The more you diversify your income the better. The Create, Launch, Convert bundle features various tools that can help you monetize your blog.

1. Promote other people’s content with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog.

  • Check out Amazon Affiliate Affluence (eBook) by Dale Pearsons ($27.00 value). This eBook is a helpful resource for anyone looking to add affiliate marketing to their blogging income.

2. Expand your income by selling digital products and printables.

Digital products can be in the form of eBooks or printables.

  • Check out 6 Week Recipe to Creating Digital Products…that anyone can follow (eCourse) by Kerry Beck ($97.00 value). In this course you will learn how to increase your income by creating digital products.
  • eBook Creator Canva Template Pack by Lisa Hebert ($27.00 value) will help you create an ebook with these professionally designed eBook templates.

If you are new to design check out Create Printables in Affinity Publisher Quick Start (eCourse) by Kim & Jeremy Calderon ($67.00 value). This course will show you how to create your own printables using Affinity publisher which is an affordable graphic design software.

One way to sell your printables is with Shopify. Check out Sell Printables on Shopify Mini-Course (eCourse) by Gold City Ventures ($47.00 value). This course will walk you through how to set up your Shopify store and sell printables.

3. Create your own Course

Course Creation is all the rage and a good way to monetize your content.

  • Check out Course in a Box (eCourse) by Cousett Hoover ($350.00 value). In this course you will learn how to create your own online course that resonates with your audience.
  • Once you have your course created check out Course Creator Website Canva Template by Prachi Gupta ($54.00 value). This template will help you create the necessary assets to help you sell your course.

4. Build a membership site

Think beyond your blog and monetize with a membership site.

  • Check out How to Create & Monetize a Membership Site (eCourse) by Jessie Festa ($74.00 value). In this course you will learn how to create, launch and grow your membership site.

5. Monetize your Blog with Video content

Video content is growing and monetizing your content with YouTube is a great way to grow your brand.

  • Check out Generate Revenue Using YouTube (eCourse) by Mike Cee ($49.97 value). In this course you will learn the step by step process to building your YouTube channel the right way.
  • YouTube Keyword Hotspots: Uncover Hidden Keywords for more Organic Traffic (eCourse) by Meredith Marsh ($47.00 value) will show you how to find good keywords to help grow your YouTube channel.

How much does the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit cost?

The Create, Launch, Convert toolkit costs $97 dollars to get 32 eCourses, 2 eBooks, 1 Printable & 6 Templates. The total value of the bundle for 41 products is listed at $2945.47, which makes for a great deal. You can also choose to purchase the cheat sheets (additional $50), which are like cliff notes of the various courses. They make it easy to get through more information in half the time.

When does the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit go on Sale?

The Create, Launch, Convert Toolkit is currently on sale. You can take advantage of this great deal right now. Click here to learn more.

The last day to purchase the toolkit is on Wednesday February 23, 2022. Typically it will go on sale twice a year, but that is not always the case so get it while you can.

How do I know whether the Create, Launch, Convert toolkit is right for me?

Before you purchase the toolkit I want you to consider 4 things.

1. What are the goals for your blog and business?
2. What do you need to learn to reach those goals?
3. Do you have time to invest in learning in order to reach those goals?
4. Do you have the funds to invest at this time?

It is important to invest in your education and to continue to improve and expand upon your knowledge. The Create, Launch, Convert toolkit a great deal, but if you don’t have the time right now to spend on learning important skills to progress your blog then this might not be the right purchase for you. (and that is ok!)

What do I do after I purchase the bundle?

After you purchase the bundle you will be given a login into your Ultimate Bundles dashboard.

Create, Launch, Convert Toolkit Login

To access your toolkit go to the Ultimate Bundles Login page.

You will have access to this page for 6 months. You can search through the resources by topic or type of resources. The bundle is a nice mixture of ebooks and courses.

5 tips for making the most out of your Create, Launch, Convert Toolkit

1. Don’t get information overload: Do not set the expectations for yourself that you will go through every resource in the Create, Launch, Convert Toolkit. There is a lot of information and you should go through the ones that make the most sense for you and your blog.

2. Write down your goals: If you haven’t done this already write down your goals for your blog. As you explore the bundle choose topics and resources that will help you reach your goals.

3. Create a task list: Make a list of the resources included in the Create, Launch, Convert Toolkit that you would like to work through based on your blogging goals.

4. Make a plan and set a timeline: From this list make a plan and determine your timeline of how quickly you want to go through your list. Set a goal for yourself: Every week or every month I am going to work through one new resource.

5. Don’t forget to implement: remember your blogging goals and take the time to put what you learned into action. You can consume information, but if you don’t improve or act on that information then it was for nothing.