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If you haven’t discovered the awesomeness that is Trello yet, then you are missing out. Trello is a great free online work productivity tool that you can use to help manage your blog and business. There are so many great features, but the one I am going to talk to you about today is how to create a template board in Trello. If you have never used Trello before then definitely sign up for your FREE Trello account.

Note: Templates Boards is only available as a feature when you sign up for a paid plan, but a good alternative would be to create a board and designate it as a template and then just make a copy of that board when you need to use it.

How to Create A Template Board in Trello

What is a Template Board?

Templates are a great way to increase your productivity especially when you have repetitive tasks or process. You can set up a board just the way you like it and then use that board as a template for additional boards.

Examples of Template boards:

Template board for course creation: Maybe you are a course creator and you create a template board for your course creation process and workflow and every time you start working on a new course you can use your template board to get started.

Template board for client on boarding: If you regularly offer the same services that require the same on boarding requirements you can create a general template board that you then use every time you have a new client.

1. Create your board in Trello

The first step is to create your template board for the first time. Create your lists, cards and any checklists that you want to include on your template board.

2. Under settings turn your board into a Template board

After you have your board set up, on the right hand side click on Show Menu.

screenshot of how to create trello board template

Next click to show More.

screenshot of how to create trello board template

From the menu select Make Template

screenshot of how to create trello board template

After you have made the board into a template what you will notice at the top is that the board is designated as a template. As a template board the comments and activity for the board is turned off.

How to make a new board from a Trello board template

When you are ready to make a new board go to your template board and select Create Board from Template and it will create a new board for you that you can now edit.

screenshot of how to make a trello board template

How to share a template board in Trello

If you want to share this template with others click on Share Template and copy the link.

screenshot of how to share a trello board template

Note: First look at the visibility of this board and whether it is Private, Team visible or Public because that can affect whether or not someone will be able to see the board when you share it with them.


Trello is a great online work productivity tool that you can use to help streamline your workflows and manage your blog and business. Trello board templates is a nice feature that allows you to create a template board and then use that board over and over again to create new boards. Don’t do the same thing over and over. Get creative and streamline your workflows with Trello board templates.

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