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As a blogger one of your goals is to work smarter not harder. If you create video content make sure you are also promoting that content on your website by creating a corresponding blog post to go with that video. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to easily embed your YouTube Video in a blog post in WordPress.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in Blog Post

Why should you include a video in your blog post?

Using video in your blog posts can increase the time spent on your webpage. This is a good thing since Google and search engines use time on page as one of their ranking factors.

Video also appeals to different learning styles. Some prefer watching video over reading a blog post. Video is another way to engage your reader.

In this video I am going to show you how to embed a YouTube video in your blog post in WordPress.

Pro tip: Obviously it will be better if you can embed your own Youtube video in your blog post, but if you don’t have any video content then find a good video tutorial on YouTube that compliments your blog post. You may be promoting someone else’s video, but it can help increase the time your readers stay on your page.

How to find your Embed code for the video from Youtube

After you have uploaded your video on Youtube go and view your video. Click on the share button.

screenshot how to embed youtube video in blog post

From the options select > Embed.

screenshot how to embed youtube video in wordpress

You will see your embed code. One feature that YouTube gives is the ability to specify what time in the video that you want it to start. If you only want to draw attention to a certain part of the video you can choose a specific time. Click to copy the code.

screenshot how to embed youtube video in wordpress blog post

Adding your Embed code into WordPress

After you have created your blog post click over to the text editor.

screenshot of how to embed youtube video in wordpress

Paste the code where you want your video to go.

When you click back over to the visual editor you will see your video. Super easy!

screenshot how to embed youtube video in wordpress blog post


Adding a video to your blog post can be a great way to engage your audience and ultimately helps to increase the time on page. If you don’t create your own videos then you can easily find other videos on YouTube that you can include in your blog post.

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