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If you are a blogger who is looking to improve your craft then you might consider purchasing the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Ultimate Bundles. This toolkit is a bundled package full of a lot of great resources at a deeply discounted price. Today I am going to share with you my experience with the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit and share 5 tips on how to make the most out of your purchase.

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What is the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit by Ultimate Bundles is a bundled package of different blogging resources to help expand your skills and ultimately help you reach your blogging goals.

This massive bundle is a great resource for any new or experienced blogger because it is packed full of different blogging related topics.

Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

Every year Ultimate Bundles comes out with a new awesome bundle full or great products that is different then any of the previous bundles. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2022 will launch in the fall. Generally the genius blogger’s toolkit is offered for a limited time 2 times a year in the fall and in the spring. In this guide we will look at the The Genius Blogger’s toolkit 2021. Keep reading to learn more about which courses and resources I recommend depending on which stage you are in for your blogging journey.

What is in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit?

Every year the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit changes, which makes it a great investment year after year. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit 2021 edition covers a variety of topics including affiliate marketing, branding, building your blog, content creation, selling your products, email marketing, blog monetization, SEO, Pinterest and so much more. To help you with your decision I have shifted through the toolkit to make my recommendations based on where you are at with your blog.

Best Resources for Brand New Bloggers

If you are a brand new blogger looking to set up your blog then these helpful resources are included in the 2021 Genius Blogger’s Toolkit.

  • If you are looking to start a blog, but can’t seem to decide what to blog about then definitely check out The Niche Ninja Mini-Course (eCourse) by Heather Ritchie ($47.00 value). If your goal is to make money from your blog then this course will show you how to choose a profitable niche in 5 easy steps.
  • Need help setting up your blog? Check out 30 Days to Blogging Success (eCourse) by Dale Persons ($97.00 value). This course takes you step by step how to start your website and start growing your audience.
  • Your content is the backbone of your blog. Learn how to start creating the right content with Evergreen Content Strategies: Learn how to create and convert content that never expires (eBook) by Arfa Nazeer ($29.00 value). Evergreen content is essential to a good blog strategy. This resource provides evergreen content strategies to help create content that offers long term results.

Best Resources for Intermediate Bloggers

I would term an Intermediate blogger as someone who already has their blog set up with a good number of blog posts. They are already starting to see some traffic to their blog, but they are now looking to take their blog to the next level. At this point you are focused on traffic and income growth. Here are some resources included in the toolkit that could be good for an intermediate blogger.

  • At this stage you should be focused towards building your email list. Check out Convert + Connect Blueprint: Get Your Welcome Sequence Set Up on ConvertKit in an Afternoon (eCourse) by Bev Feldman ($37.00 value)  and learn how to set up a welcome email sequence to cultivate your new subscribers. Also, Elevate Your Emails: Secret insider tips to monetize your email list (eCourse) by Debbie Gartner ($37.00 value) will show you strategies on how to monetize and engage your email list just by being yourself. 
  • Understanding your social media strategy is essential at this stage of the game because you want to maximize your traffic. Here are some of the resources the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit offers for the various social media platforms including:
    • Instagram – Easy Edit Instagram templates by Lisa Hebert ($37.00 value) which provides done for you Instagram templates. Also check out Unlock Instagram Income Potential (eBook) by Marta Ostoja Kiedrzynska ($11.00 value) which provides a step by step system on how to monetize your following on Instagram.
    • Facebook – Get Your Facebook Business Page Up & Running in 90 Minutes or Less! (eCourse) by Lisa Hebert ($29.00 value).
    • Pinterest – Pinterest Profit System (eCourse) by Misty Dorman ($297.00 value). Learn how to set up your Pinterest Business account and set up your ongoing strategy for success.
  • Don’t forget about search engine optimization. If you haven’t considered SEO before now you need to make sure your content can be found in search engines like Google. Check out Super Simple SEO (eCourse) by Cousett Hoover ($100.00 value). This course offers proven strategies on how to get more traffic to your website.
  • Find ways to expand your income potential by creating your own products to serve the needs of your audience. Check out Pull Back the Curtain on Product Creation (eCourse) by Tracy Lynn and Caroline Vencil ($47.00 value). This course will help you come up with product ideas that your reader will love.

Best Resources for Advanced Bloggers

I would classify an advanced blogger as someone who is already making money with their blog. They are now working on scaling their success by finding ways to work smarter not harder!

  • Once you have developed the skills to run a profitable blog it is time to think about expanding your business to additional websites. Check out Second Blog Strategies workbook by Gemma ($27.00 value). This resource includes tips on how to utilize your existing content to create an additional blog that gets traffic and makes money.
  • Leverage your audience for paid partnerships. Check out Simply Partnerships: Learn how to pitch & land the paid partnerships of your dream! (eBook) by Siobhan Alvarez ($69.00 value). This resource will walk you through the steps of how to pitch yourself to brands.
  • Make sure you are refining your funnels. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Creating Evergreen Sales Funnels (eBook) by Angela Mary Vaz ($69.00 value).  This guide will show you how to build high-converting evergreen sales funnels in your blog just using email.

Finding ways to expand your income streams should be high priority. In the next section I will focus on some of the different resources dedicated to monetizing your blog. Explore these options and see if there is a way you can add another income stream to your blog.

Best Resources for Growing Your Blog Income

The more you diversify your income the better. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit features various tools that can help you monetize your blog.

  • Promoting other people’s products with affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog. Check out Affiliate Map Workbook by Laura L. Marschel ($20.00 value). This workbook is a helpful resource for anyone looking to add affiliate marketing to their blogging income.
  • Expand your income by selling digital downloads and printables. Check out Amplifying Blog Revenue with Printables (eBook) by Julie Berninger & Cody Berman ($27.00 value) . Learn how to maximize your leads and conversions with printables and digital downloads.
  • Leverage the audience you have and sell on marketplace platforms like Etsy. Build your Digital Etsy Empire (eCourse) by Sadie Smiley ($127.00 value) will show you how to sell digital products on Etsy.
  • Think beyond a blog and monetize with a Membership site. Mastering Your Membership (eCourse) by Michelle Gifford ($97.00 value) will show you step by step on how to start a membership without the overwhelm.
  • Monetize your blog with Sponsored content. Check out the Sponsored Post Pricing Toolkit (eCourse) by Jasmine Watts and Christopher Drown ($64.00 value). This course will teach you how to pitch and land brand deals for your blog.

How much does the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit cost?

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit costs $97 dollars to get 13 eBooks, 6 Printable & Workbooks, 52 eCourses & Audio, 4 Templates and 1 Membership Site. The total value of the bundle this year is listed at $6309.98, which makes for a great deal. You can also choose to purchase the cheat sheets (additional $50), which are like cliff notes of the various courses. They make it easy to get through more information in half the time.

When does the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit go on Sale?

Generally, the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit goes on sale twice a year. Each bundle is different from year to year.

But, you are in luck because the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is on sale right now! You can take advantage of this great deal right now. Click here to learn more.

How do I know whether the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is right for me?

Before you purchase the toolkit I want you to consider 4 things.

1. What are the goals for your blog?
2. What do you need to learn to reach those goals?
3. Do you have time to invest in learning in order to reach those goals?
4. Do you have the funds to invest at this time?

It is important to invest in your education and to continue to improve and expand upon your knowledge. The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a great deal, but if you don’t have the time right now to spend on learning important skills to progress your blog then this might not be the right purchase for you. (and that is ok!)

What do I do after I purchase the bundle?

After you purchase the bundle you will be given a login into your Ultimate Bundles dashboard.

Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Login

To access your toolkit go to the Ultimate Bundles Login page.

You will have access to this page for 6 months. You can search through the resources by topic or type of resources. The bundle is a nice mixture of ebooks and courses.

screenshot of genius blogger's toolkit dashboard

5 tips for making the most out of your Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

1. Don’t get information overload: Do not set the expectations for yourself that you will go through every resource in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. There is a lot of information and you should go through the ones that make the most sense for you and your blog.

2. Write down your goals: If you haven’t done this already write down your goals for your blog. As you explore the bundle choose topics and resources that will help you reach your goals.

3. Create a task list: Make a list of the resources included in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit that you would like to work through based on your blogging goals.

4. Make a plan and set a timeline: From this list make a plan and determine your timeline of how quickly you want to go through your list. Set a goal for yourself: Every week or every month I am going to work through one new resource.

5. Don’t forget to implement: remember your blogging goals and take the time to put what you learned into action. You can consume information, but if you don’t improve or act on that information then it was for nothing.

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Recommended Blogging Tools for Setting Up Your Website

Blog hosting: Every blog needs a place to live and I highly recommend SiteGround for hosting. They have great customer service and tiered pricing to meet your hosting needs for any level.

WordPress Themes: There are 3 things every blogger should invest in and that is hosting, education and a good theme. If you don’t have a theme that you love then it can be a big stumbling block. I love my Bluchic theme which is nice and versatile, fully mobile responsive and easy to work with.

Email List Provider: Make sure you start thinking about building your email list from the beginner. Mailerlite is a great option with automation capabilities and it is free for your first 1,000 subscribers. Check out my post how to deliver you first lead magnet using Mailerlite.