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Did you know that you can easily manage your Pinterest content with Trello? Just think for every blog post you should create at least 2-3 different Pinterest images for your content. Say you have 50 blog posts on your website. That is 100 to 150 different images you are saving on Pinterest.

Trello offers an easy solution to stay organized and keep track of all your different Pinterest images. In this post I am going to show you how I use Trello to manage my Pinterest content.

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How to manage your Pinterest content using Trello

What is Trello?

Trello is a great free online work productivity tool that allows you to keep your blog and business organized. If you have never used Trello before, definitely sign up today.

How to add an external link to Trello

First make sure you have your Trello board open in another tab on your computer and that no cards are selected.

After saving a Pin on Pinterest click through to see your Pin.

Click on the URL for that tab to highlight it. Next drag it into the tab with your Pinterest board and onto your list to create a new card.

Trello will automatically create a new card for you with a link to your Pinterest pin.

screenshot of trello card with pinterest pin

What is nice is that it automatically links to the image, which acts as the board cover for your card.

screenshot of trello board full of Pinterest pins

Tips for managing your Pinterest content with Trello

  • Create a list for every blog post.
  • On this list create a card that links directly to your blog post for easy reference.
  • Create a card for every different Pinterest image you save to Pinterest for that blog post

If you ever want to save one of your images again to Pinterest you can click on the link and save it to another board on Pinterest.

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