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If you are trying to decide if MeetEdgar is the right social media scheduler for your business then you have come to the right place. Social media marketing is an important strategy for your business to connect with your audience and grow your brand. In this review we are going to look at MeetEdgar’s most popular features and hopefully help you decide if this is the right investment for your business.

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What is MeetEdgar?

MeetEdgar is an online social media scheduling tool that makes it easy to share your content.

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What social media platforms does MeetEdgar work with?

MeetEdgar works with:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • Twitter
  • Instagram (with their iOS and Android apps)
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn profile and company pages

7 Powerful MeetEdgar Features to Schedule out your Social Media

1. Category based scheduling:

When scheduling out your social media content you can assign categories to each post. Example categories can include informational posts, new product announcements, tool reviews, inspirational quotes, behind the scenes, and industry news. You could have a category for your blog posts, one for your Youtube videos and one for promoting 3rd party content.  When you go to set up your weekly schedule you can have certain categories post at different times. MeetEdgar makes it easy to plan out your social media content using categories.

In the image below you can see I added a specific category for my YouTube video content. This makes it easy to plan out my social media schedule and share content from my blog and my YouTube channel.


2. Evergreen posting with automatic scheduling:

When creating your content you don’t want to just share it once you want to keep promoting that content over time. MeetEdgar helps to keep your social media posts evergreen with automatic scheduling.

Based on your schedule and parameters when you work through your entire queue of social media posts MeetEdgar will then automatically share your evergreen content again. This automatic cycling of your content helps to keep your content circulating on your social media channels and to be shared again with your audience.

What about time sensitive posts?

In MeetEdgar you can specify an end date for a given social media post. That way time sensitive posts won’t continue to circulate with your evergreen content.

How does MeetEdgar handle Twitter’s duplicate post rule?

Twitter officially came out with a rule not allowing duplicate content. Which means you can’t automatically recycle content on Twitter. Don’t worry MeetEdgar has you covered. MeetEdgar’s variations feature allows you to create multiple social media posts quickly.

After you add your link MeetEdgar will scan your content and automatically create social media post variations for your content. You can choose to either accept or reject these suggestions. It provides an easy solution to create unique social media posts that promote the same article.

3. Unlimited Scheduled Posts:

MeetEdgar doesn’t put a limit on how many posts you can schedule to your queue. This limits the amount of time you have to spend on managing your evergreen content. Add your evergreen content and MeetEdgar will continue to automatically post that content over time.

4. Shorten and Track your Links

MeetEdgar makes it easy to shorten your links and track metrics. Easily see how many people click on your links from the various social media platforms. If you are going to invest in a tool like MeetEdgar to manage your social media you want to make sure that it is helping. Tracking your click throughs from social media is one important metric to determining whether or not it is worth it for your business.

5. Browser Extension

The MeetEdgar browser extension works with any browser. It allows you to schedule a social media post directly from anywhere on the web.

In addition to the browser extension MeetEdgar makes it easy to import content from a spreadsheet allowing you to quickly add content to your queue.

6. Curate a Content Feed

With MeetEdgar you can create a content feed by connecting to the RSS feed of industry standard blogs. Add your favorite industry blogs to your feed and when it comes time to schedule you can easily find relevant industry news and articles to share with your audience.

You can even add your own blog to your feed and have MeetEdgar automatically add it to your queue. This way all your new content will automatically be added to your queue.

7. A/B Testing

You can see analytics and test out different social media posts to see what performs better on your social media accounts. Finding ways to test your processes is important because it can show you what is working and what isn’t.

See my full review and tutorial on MeetEdgar’s features here.

Check out the video below to see a walk through of MeetEdgar’s popular features.

MeetEdgar Pricing

MeetEdgar offers two plans: Edgar Lite ($19 / month) and Edgar ($49 / month).

Both plans include:

  • Unlimited content library
  • Unlimited content feeds
  • Suggested variations
  • Ability to connect to all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram

Edgar Lite Features:

  • Price: $19 per month
  • 3 Social Accounts
  • 10 Recurring time slots per week
  • 4 Content Categories

Edgar Features:

  • Price: $49 per month
  • 25 social media accounts
  • 1,000 Recurring time slots per week
  • Unlimited Content Categories

Does MeetEdgar have a free trial?

Yes MeetEdgar offers a free 7 day trial for both the Edgar Lite and full Edgar plan. That way you can try it out for free for a limited time before you decide to spend any money. Check out their pricing page for more information.

Does MeetEdgar have a free plan?

No, MeetEdgar does not have a free plan. In order to use this online social media scheduling tool you will need to sign up for one of its paid plans, but definitely try out the 7 day free trial of MeetEdgar to see if it is the right fit for you. If you are looking for a social media scheduler with a free limited version then consider Buffer or Hootsuite.

Can MeetEdgar share videos?

MeetEdgar supports single photos, multiple photos and videos. This is important especially for Instagram and Facebook where it is common to post multiple photos and videos to your profile.

Can MeetEdgar post to Instagram?

In order to post to Instagram with MeetEdgar you need to use their phone app for iOS or Android.

MeetEdgar review: Is it worth it?

MeetEdgar is a powerful tool for social media management and can help streamline your social media scheduling but is it worth the price?

When it comes to deciding whether a tool is right for your online business you have to consider your time/money value. One of the main questions to consider is: Will this tool save me time?

The less time you spend on scheduling your social media the more time you can devote to other important tasks like creating content for your blog or developing content for a product.


  • Automatic Scheduling
  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Works with the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Free 7 day trial period
  • 2 pricing plans depending on your needs: Edgar Lite ($19/month) and Edgar ($49/month)


My only real complaint with MeetEdgar is that the more affordable Edgar Lite plan only allows for 3 social accounts and there is no way to add on an account if needed without upgrading to the full Edgar plan. The 3 account limit doesn’t even allow you to manage the minimum 5 accounts needed for your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts. To be able to meet these basic social media scheduling needs for all the various platforms you would need to sign up for the full Edgar plan or look elsewhere to find another scheduler for the other platforms.

The Edgar lite plan would be beneficial for a brand only focusing on a limited number of platforms, but if you want to keep a minimum social presence on the 5 major social media platforms then you have to upgrade to the full Edgar plan. The full Edgar plan is great, but at the higher price point it would not be ideal for new blogger’s who are not making any money from their blog yet.

MeetEdgar Alternatives

If you are still unsure if MeetEdgar is right for you then consider some of these alternative social media schedulers.

  1. SmarterQueue
  2. Recurpost
  3. Agorapulse
  4. Viraltag

MeetEdgar Tutorials

Ready to get started with MeetEdgar? Check out these tutorials on how to use MeetEdgar.