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Are you looking for a way to share your Canva designs with others? Canva Pro offers a feature that allows you to easily share your Canva designs with others by creating a template. In this guide I will walk you through how to create and share a template in Canva.

Check out this video tutorial on how to create a template in Canva to share with others or keep reading below for a step by step tutorial.

How to Create a Template in Canva

After you have finished creating your design you will need to get a shareable link to create your Canva template.

In the upper right hand menu click on Share.

Canva screenshot of how to create a template in Canva

In the dialogue box by default it will say Share a Link to Edit.

screenshot of how to share template in Canva

When you click on the down arrow you can see that Canva gives you 3 sharing options: to edit, to use as a template and a view only option.

To Edit: When you share your Canva design this way it will give the person edit access where they will be able to make changes to your original document.

As a Template: When you share your design as a template it will create a copy of your design. This way the original will stay intact and the recipient will be able to make edits to their copy of the design without changing the original. This feature is helpful if you want to sell designs you made in Canva.

View Only: With this share setting the recipient can only view your design. They will not be able to make any edits to the document. This setting can be good if you need to share a design with a client to get their approval before you deliver the finished product.

Select the template option and click to copy the link to your clipboard. Now you can share your link with others to use your design as a template.

screenshot of how to share a template in Canva

Using your Template link

When you go to use your shareable template link you will see the following screen in the image below. Click on Use Template and Canva will open up a copy of your template design.

screenshot of how to share a template in Canva

How I use Canva templates with my blog

Create an opt in freebie or a product to sell

One of my favorite platforms to use and create graphics for is Pinterest which is why I have created 5 Free Canva Pinterest templates that I offers as an opt-in freebie to grow my email list. In addition I have created a paid product: Pin Productivity Power Pack, which includes 20 Canva Pinterest templates and some additional resources included Canva tutorials, a Brand Kit guide and Pinterest Headlines Made Easy. All resources designed to improve your productivity when creating Pinterest graphics for your blog.

Pin Productivity Power Pack

Use Canva templates to improve your workflow

Another way I use this feature is by creating my own templates in Canva that I can use over and over when creating graphics for my blog. I first create my initial template design and then I share it as a template and copy the link and then paste it into my Trello card template. Trello is an online work productivity tool that I use to help manage my workflows for my blog. Every time I start a new blog post I create a new Trello card using my Trello card template which has links to all of my Canva templates and designs that I need to create graphics for my blog posts.

Templates I have created using Canva include:

  • Pinterest template
  • Header image template
  • YouTube video cover image template
  • Screenshot template (to use when creating tutorials that use screenshots which has design elements like arrows and circles already included to make it easy for my step by step training tutorials)
  • Instagram template

Having these templates made ahead of time and with easy access to their links within Trello it helps improve my productivity when creating graphics for my blog posts and YouTube videos.

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