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If you are trying to decide if SmarterQueue is the right social media scheduler for your blog and online business then you have come to the right place. We are going to look at SmarterQueue’s most powerful features and hopefully help you decide if this is the right investment for your business.

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What is SmarterQueue?

SmarterQueue is an online social media scheduling tool designed to streamline your social media management.

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What social media platforms does SmarterQueue work with?

SmarterQueue works with:

  • Facebook pages and groups
  • LinkedIn profile and pages
  • Twitter profile
  • Instagram profile using the mobile app
  • Pinterest profile

7 Powerful SmarterQueue Features to Schedule out your Social Media

1. Automatic recycling of Evergreen posts

When you add your evergreen blog posts to your social media Queue in SmarterQueue you can set it to repeat or as a one time post. You can even set how many times you want it to post before it expires and no longer repeats in your queue. Having the ability to have your content automatically repeat allows you to always have something go out on your social media and it keeps your evergreen content still circulating.

SmarterQueue also has a feature that makes it easy to create variations for your Evergreen posts. Having different variations allows you to share the same content without having it come off spammy.

2. Content Categories and Seasonal Categories

SmarterQueue plans out your social media schedule using a category based system. With each post you can assign it to a category. On your schedule you assign certain categories to post at certain times.

For example, maybe on Monday you want to share behind the scene photos of your business, Tuesday you post promotional content, Wednesday informational content and Thursday you share the latest industry news. Each of these types of content would be designated with a category. When you assign your posts a category they will automatically be added to the queue to go out according to your social media schedule.

Seasonal Categories allow you to set a timeframe for when that evergreen content is circulated. This is essential for blogs that deal with holiday content. SmarterQueue will make sure your Christmas posts only go out in the months leading up to Christmas when your audience is mostly to engage with that type of evergreen content.

3. Social Inbox

Social Inbox is a feature that allows you to directly communicate and respond to social media messages from your various accounts directly within the SmarterQueue dashboard. This way you can manage all of your messages from one place.

You can even create snippets or pre-planned answers for your most common questions. This is definitely a time saving feature that makes it easier to respond to any inquiries you get through your social media inboxes all in one place.

4. Auto-Import from RSS feeds

One time consuming aspect of social media scheduling is finding content to share. SmarterQueue offers a way to curate content by connecting to RSS feeds of industry blogs and YouTube channels. If you want to share the latest industry news and articles from your favorite sources you can easily connect their RSS feed which will automatically create posts for that content. You can choose to have it automatically added to your queue or save it to draft.

This can be done with 3rd party content or you can even connect to your own blog and YouTube channel and have your new content automatically be added to your queue. Essentially putting your social media scheduling on autopilot for any new content you create. Talk about time saving!

5. Bookmarklet Browser Extension

The SmarterQueue Bookmarklet Browser extension makes it easy to save from anywhere on the web. When you find a blog post that you want to share click on the browser extension icon and easily create a post to add to your Queue.

6. Bitly and UTM link tracking

SmarterQueue works with your Bitly account to shorten the links you share on social media and help track the number of clicks you get on your social media posts. Once your link shortener is connected you can track this data all from within SmarterQueue itself.

SmarterQueue makes it easy to add UTM parameters to your links to make the most of Google Analytics and understanding what posts were the most successful in driving traffic to your website.

7. Unlimited Shared Logins

I think this is an important feature to point out because most social media schedulers have a limit on how many users can access your account and usually that comes with a higher price tag. SmarterQueue allows you to share logins therefore if you use a virtual assistant or have more than one person in your business that handles your social media accounts you won’t be forced to pay for a higher plan that you don’t need just because you need to allow for more users.

Check out this video review of SmarterQueue and see how these features work.

SmarterQue Pricing

SmarterQueue offers 4 plans: Solo ($19.99 / month) and Business ($39.99 / month), Agency (79.99/month) and a Custom plan (starts at 19.99/month).

Note: Pricing reflects a month to month plan. If you decide to go with an annual payment plan you can save 15%.

All plans include:

  • Automatic post recycling of evergreen content
  • Content categories to organize your posts
  • Auto-Import from RSS feeds (how many you can have is dependent upon the plan)
  • Ability to customize the post text for each social media platform
  • Unlimited Shared Logins so there is no limit for how many users you can have managing your social media content
  • Ability to connect to all social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram

SmarterQueue Solo Plan Features:

  • Price: $19.99 per month
  • Connect up to 4 Social Accounts (can add on additional profiles for $7 each per month)
  • Able to post 10 posts per profile per day
  • 10 Content Categories
  • 500 Queued posts
  • Connect 2 RSS Auto-importers

SmarterQueue Business Plan Features:

  • Price: $39.99 per month
  • Connect up to 10 Social Accounts (can add on additional profiles for $5 each per month)
  • Able to post 20 posts per profile per day
  • 20 Content Categories
  • 1,000 Queued posts
  • Connect 5 RSS Auto-importers

SmarterQueue Agency Plan Features:

  • Price: $79.99 per month
  • Connect up to 25 Social Accounts (can add on additional profiles for $4 each per month)
  • Able to post 40 posts per profile per day
  • 50 Content Categories
  • 2,500 Queued posts
  • Connect 25 RSS Auto-importers

SmarterQueue Custom Plan Features:

  • Price: starts at $19.99 per month
  • Includes base features of Solo plan, but then you can customize the other features including:
    • Adding more social media profiles
    • Increase your posts per profile per day limit
    • Add more content categories
    • Connect to more RSS feeds to Auto-import content
    • Increase the number of posts you can have in your Queue

Does SmarterQue have a free trial?

SmarterQueue offers a free 14 day trial for all plans. That way you can try it out for free and decide if it is right for you and your business.

Does SmarterQueue have a free version?

SmartQueue does not have a free version, but you can try it out for free with their 14 day free trial on all plans. If you are looking for a social media scheduler with a free limited version then consider Buffer and Hootsuite.

Can SmarterQueue share videos?

Yes SmarterQueue offers native videos allowing you to schedule and share videos to your social media accounts.

SmarterQueue review: Is it worth it?

SmarterQueue is a helpful social media management tool that makes it easy to curate and schedule out your social media content.


  • Automatic Scheduling of Evergreen content
  • Allows for custom pricing depending on your needs
  • Uses categories to help organize your content and posting schedule
  • Works with the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn
  • Offers a Free 14 day trial
  • Supports image and video file types
  • Unlimited shared logins


  • Has a cap on the total number of Queued posts unlike MeetEdgar, one of its competitors, which offers an unlimited Queue. This can be a problem if you have a lot of evergreen content that you want to add once and have it keep cycling through then you may find you will reach this cap sooner than you would like. Although this doesn’t have to be a problem for too long because SmarterQueue offers custom pricing allowing you to increase the number of Queued posts and only making you pay for the features that you need the most.

SmarterQueue Alternatives

If you are still unsure if SmarterQueue is right for you then consider some of these alternative social media schedulers.

  1. MeetEdgar  (See our full review of MeetEdgar here)
  2. Recurpost
  3. Agorapulse
  4. Viraltag

SmarterQueue Tutorials

Ready to get started with SmarterQueue? Check out these tutorials on how to use SmarterQueue.