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Are you ready to save time and streamline your workflow when it comes to creating and scheduling out your social media content?

I hope that is a big YES!!

Finding ways to work smarter and not harder in your business is essential especially if you have a small team or if you are a one man (or woman) show.

We all know that having a good social media presence can make the difference between landing a prospective buyer/client or not.

Don’t let the tools you use hold you back.

Today I want to introduce you to a new Tailwind feature called Tailwind Create that will improve your productivity and streamline your process when it comes to creating images and scheduling out your content on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

Before we begin I want to let you know that I am an affiliate for Tailwind because I believe and support their product and I was compensated for creating this post.

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What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create is a new feature that allows you to create images directly within Tailwind.

Before Tailwind Create you had to make multiple images for each of the social media platforms, save them to your computer, upload them to Tailwind and then schedule them out.

Now with Tailwind Create all you need to do is upload your raw images directly to Tailwind or choose from Tailwind’s library of free stock photos and Tailwind will automatically create Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest ready images using their professionally designed templates.

How Tailwind Create Works

Set your brand preferences

Tailwind Create allows you to easily customize your fonts, brand colors and logo. You can set this up once and then each time you go to create content for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, Tailwind will automatically use your saved preferences. This way you can be consistent with your design aesthetic.

tailwind create brand preferences

Upload your own images or use Tailwind’s stock photos

When you go to first create your design you will need to enter the destination URL. Tailwind will automatically populate the title and display any images associated with that content.

screenshot of tailwind create

You can choose from one of the existing content images, upload additional images or search through Tailwind’s library of stock photos by keyword.

tailwind create stock photos

You can select multiple images to include in the design process. Once you have your images selected go ahead and click on Create Images.

In the Design Gallery you will see a library of professionally designed templates that automatically have your content title, brand name, and brand colors applied to the design.

tailwind create design gallery

Filter by Design Styles

Within the Design Gallery you can filter by Post type, Photo Count and Categories.

Filter by Post Type: Choose between Instagram Feed, Instagram Story, Pinterest Pins and Facebook feed posts. For this example I am going to show you how to create an Instagram feed post.

Filter by post type in Tailwind Create

Filter by Photo Count: You can specify with you design the amount of photos to include. Choose between multiple photos, one photo, no photo, or any number of photos.

filter by photo count in Tailwind create

Filter by Categories: Depending on your type of content you may want a different style of design. Categories you can choose from include: Content, Promotion, Industry, Style, and Seasonal.

Each Category has additional subcategories you can choose from. For example when I click on content I can further specify if it is a product, blog post, FAQ, How-to, List, News, or a Quote.

filter by category in Tailwind Create

Changing Your Design Settings

Before jumping in to make any specific changes to a design I recommended checking out the design settings first.

Here you can add additional photos, change your text, set your branding preferences, and change the colors.

Under the text section you can add additional text to your design. Click on the down area to specify if you want to add a subtitle or a call to action.

Tailwind Create Design Settings

Favorite the designs you like the most

As you scroll through the designs and find one you like, hover over it and click the heart icon to add it to your favorite list.


You can see all of your preferred designs in the Favorites tab at the top. Use the post type filter to see your favorite design by type.

The favorites tab makes it easy to come back to the designs you like to help streamline your creation process.

tailwind create favorite tab

Easily Re-Style your Designs

From the Design Gallery or Favorites tab you make quick changes with the Re-Style feature. Below the image you can click the down arrow next to Re-Style which gives you some editing options.

Re-style feature in Tailwind Create

Colors – When you click on colors it will change out the colors used in the design. Next to it you can see the colors being used in the design. When you click the down arrow you have the option to choose a different color palette.

Photos – When you click the photos button it will change out the photo. This is why it is a good idea to select multiple photos at the beginning because you can easily change it and choose the photo you like the best.

Layouts – When you click the layout button it will change the overall layout of the design. In the example below you can see that instead of the text being at the bottom it changed to the side.

This feature is great because it shows how with one design template you can make multiple different designs just by re-styling the colors, picture and layout.

Drag and Drop Editor

If you want to make additional changes to the design click on edit below the design and it will open up the drag and drop editor.

Here you can make changes to your text, add additional photos, or elements to your design.

Tailwind create drag and drop editor

Finalizing your Designs for Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest

Once you have finished making edits using the drag and drop editor you can now finalize your designs for each of the social media platforms.

From the Design Gallery click on the right pointing arrow next to your design.

This will open up and display additional related designs for each of the different image styles including: Instagram feed, Instagram Story, Pinterest Pin and Facebook Feed.

You can use the Re-Style features to quickly make any changes to each of the designs or click to edit each individually.

Next, select the designs you want and then click to Review Your Selection.

You can download your designs and click to schedule them out.

Tailwind Create for Instagram

Tailwind allows you to create and schedule images for Instagram.

Check out the video below where I will show you how to create images for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook with Tailwind Create.

Once you have created your image you can then schedule it out with Tailwind. With the Instagram post editor add a caption and hashtags to your post. Tailwind will give you suggested hashtags based off of your caption. You can create a list of your favorite hashtags to easily use them again. You can select to have your hashtags added in the first comment.

schedule instagram with Tailwind

Additional Tailwind features for Instagram:

  • Choose between Auto-Post where you can schedule to have it post directly to Instagram or Notification Post where the Tailwind App will notify you that it is time to post.
  • Add a clickable link using Smart.Bio. Instagram doesn’t allow you to add links directly to your posts, but you can add a link in your Instagram bio. You will put the Smart.Bio link in your profile and when you choose to add a clickable link it will be added to your Smart.Bio page so someone can click through the link and get to your content.
  • Easy grid view to plan out your Instagram content
  • Supports multiple content types including single post, multiple images post, instagram stories and video posts.

Tailwind Create for Facebook

Currently at this time you can only schedule content to Instagram and Pinterest. Tailwind is currently working on building out their Facebook scheduler so stay tuned!

At this time with Tailwind Create you can create an image and then download it to post it to Facebook.

Recap + Recommendations

Tailwind Create is a powerful tool that allows you to easily create images for Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Having the ability to create and schedule your images using one tool is a great time saver and will streamline your process when it comes to creating images and scheduling them out to social media.

Whether you are new to Tailwind or a seasoned pro definitely try Tailwind Create today!

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