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The better your business workflows the more productive you are. It’s a Fact! Today I want to introduce you to a new Tailwind feature called Tailwind Create that will improve your productivity and streamline your process when it comes to creating images and scheduling your content to Pinterest.

The problem…

Pinterest likes fresh content.

What that means is they want you to save new images and pins to Pinterest. The days of re-pinning and saving the same image over and over again are well… over.

When it comes to “Fresh” content on Pinterest the best option is always to save a new image for a new blog post, but lets be realistic it isn’t always feasible to be publishing new content all the time.

The next best thing…

Save a new image to promote your already established content. This way you can continue to save new “fresh” images to Pinterest and still promote the content you have already created.

With this increased demand for new Pinterest images comes the problem of how to keep up while keeping your sanity!

The solution… Tailwind Create.

What is Tailwind Create?

Tailwind Create is a Tailwind feature that allows you to create Pinterest images directly within the Tailwind platform.

By using Tailwind Create you can get rid of the “middle man” and streamline your process.

You no longer have to use another platform to create your Pinterest images. Instead of creating your images elsewhere and then uploading them to Tailwind you can now just create your Pinterest images directly within Tailwind and then schedule them out.

Less steps = Better workflow!

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Who is Tailwind Create For?

Tailwind Create is for busy entrepreneurs like yourself who want an easier, more efficient way to create Pinterest images for your content. Tailwind was a great tool before this feature, but with the addition of Tailwind Create you can now both create and schedule your Pinterest content directly within the Tailwind platform.

In this guide I am going to show you how to use Tailwind Create to easily create Pinterest images for your content.

Before we begin I want to let you know that I am an affiliate for Tailwind because I believe in and support their product and I was compensated for creating this post.

New to Tailwind? You can try Tailwind Create with Tailwind’s free trial where you can schedule out your first 100 pins for free.

3 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images

Before we jump into how to use Tailwind Create let’s talk about best practices when it comes to creating images for Pinterest.

1. Create multiple pins to promote your content

Pinterest allows you to save multiple pins to the same destination URL or blog post. This means you don’t always have to have new content, but you can continue to promote the same content on Pinterest.

2. Make sure your Pins are unique by changing up your photos

For each pin you create, try and change up the image you use. Different images can appeal to different people. Using a different image also helps to make each pin unique. We will get more into this later, but Tailwind Create makes this easy by giving you access to a database of stock photos to choose from.

3. Change up your Title Text and Call to Action

Just like with photos you should change up the text you use on your design. Highlighting different keywords can attract a larger audience to your content. When using text make sure your font is readable and large enough. Many people access Pinterest through their smartphones and larger text will stand out more.

5 Best Tailwind Create Features:

1. Automatically Brand your Images with Brand Preferences

Establishing consistent branding for you business is important for brand recognition and attracting your ideal audience. With Tailwind Create you can set your brand preferences ahead of time. This is one feature that helps save you time when creating Pinterest images. Tailwind Create will use these preferences each time you go to create a new Pinterest image.

With Brand Preferences you can specify:

  • Brand Information: Have your business name or website name appear on all of your pins.
  • Select your branded Title and Subtitle fonts: Each pin you create will be consistent with the fonts you use. Tailwind Create even lets you upload your own custom font when you upgrade to the Tailwind Create Advanced plan.  If you don’t already have branded fonts you can choose from some suggested Font Pairings.
  • Choose your color palette: add your brand colors and Tailwind Create will apply them each time to your images.
  • Add your logo: You can upload your logo if you want it to appear on your Pinterest images.

tailwind create brand preferences

2. Professionally Designed Pinterest Templates

If you are not a professional designer then this feature is definitely for you. To start creating your images Tailwind Create will have you set your Pinterest title, destination URL and Images and will take that information and will pre-fill their professionally designed templates.

You can then use these designs as is or easily make edits. To make it easier you can filter through the design gallery by content type, industry, or pin format. You can also make quick tweaks to the design by using the Re-Style feature in the design gallery. With the Re-Style feature you can shuffle the colors, the images and the overall layout of the design. When in the design gallery you can zoom in or out on your photo and reposition it to how you want it to lay.

tailwind create design gallery

3. Access to 1M + Stock photos

You can upload your own images or use stock images available through Tailwind Create. With the higher tier plans you will have more photos to choose from. Tailwind Create utilizes Pixabay which is a free online database of stock images. Search by keyword and add images to your design.

screenshot of tailwind create stock photos

4. Drag and Drop Editor

If you find that you need to make further edits, from the design gallery you can click to edit the pin. This will bring up the drag and drop editor.

With the drag and drop editor you can change up your text and add additional elements or photos to your design.

screenshot of Tailwind Create drag and drop editor

Changing your text

With the drag and drop editor you can add additional text to include a subtitle or call to action. With each text you can adjust the style, size, color, alignment, letter spacing, opacity and even add a shadow to your text. Remember to vary up the text on each of your designs.

Adding Elements to your design

With the free plan you have access to 100s of basic design elements like shapes and arrows, but when you upgrade to a higher plan you will unlock additional design resources and images. Use the search function to find elements to include in your design.

Add and Edit your Photos

The design editor lets you make changes to your photos. You can easily add or search for additional stock images to include in your design. With each photo you can crop, and make simple adjustments like changing brightness, contrast, saturation and blur your image. The design editor also lets you control how your elements are arranged by adjusting the layers.

5. Save your favorites

When you find a design style you like you can save it as a favorite. This makes it easy to come back to when designing additional images. You can be consistent with your designs or try out new design styles.

screenshot of Tailwind create favorites

How to Use Tailwind Create

Check out the video below to see how to use Tailwind Create to create Pinterest images for content and then easily schedule them out using Tailwind.

Is Tailwind Create Free?

Tailwind offers a Free plan that allows you to create up to 15 images per month.

Additionally with the free plan you get:

  • Access to 1M Free Stock Photos
  • Ability to favorite up to 5 designs
  • 100s of Basic Design Elements
  • Ability to do basic and multi-photo designs
  • Drag and Drop Editing Tools
  • Automatically Apply Branding to your designs

Try out their free Tailwind Create plan today.

Tailwind Create Pricing

One thing I love about Tailwind is that it offers tiered pricing which means only pay for what you need. If you want to create more images you can upgrade to one of their premium plans.  If you want to be able to upload your own custom font then you will need to upgrade to the Tailwind Create Advanced plan.

*Note: The image below reflects monthly pricing of each plan. You can save 20% when sign up for an annual plan. Prices are subject to change.

screenshot of tailwind create pricing plans

Let’s Recap

Tailwind Create is a powerful tool that will save you time and improve your workflow when it comes to creating Pinterest images and scheduling out your content.

My favorite Tailwind Create features:

  • You can create multiple images with Tailwind Create and then schedule them out directly within the Tailwind platform
  • Tailwind Create lets you set your brand preferences ahead of time and then uses those preferences on professionally designed Pinterest templates
  • Use the templates as is or make changes with the easy to use drag and drop editor
  • Save your favorite designs so you can use them again
  • Tailwind provides an easy way to search for stock photos to add to your design

Whether you are new to Tailwind or a seasoned pro definitely try Tailwind Create today!

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