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Are you thinking about becoming a virtual assistant? Maybe you are finally ready to put yourself out there, but you don’t know if you have what it takes to succeed.

Believe me I know what you are feeling and I have been there. All of your insecurities come bubbling up to the surface and you feel like quitting even before you get started.

I’m here to tell you that not all hope is lost. All you just need is a little nudge in the right direction.

One beautiful thing about being a virtual assistant is there is no set rules and requirements. You get to set your own terms and offerings.

When I was beginning my virtual assistant journey I came across the Savvy Vault Training Lab by Abbey Ashely from The Virtual Savvy. This membership offers tech trainings and advice on becoming a virtual assistant and equips you with the skills you need to succeed. Today I want to share with you my experience and offer my review of the Savvy Tech Training Lab.

desktop with text overlay best virtual assistant course savvy tech trainingDo I recommend the Savvy Tech Training Lab?

The Savvy Vault Training Lab is a good investment and offers a variety of trainings and tutorials that will help you with your journey to becoming a virtual assistant. I definitely recommend this membership site from the Virtual Savvy.

Whenever you consider purchasing a course you have to think about they type of return you can receive. Will you be able to make back your investment from the lessons you learn in the course.

At the time I first stumbled upon the Savvy Tech Training Lab I was looking for more information about becoming a Pinterest VA and was attracted to the Pinterest VA management course contained within this training membership.

I can honestly say that I made back my investment from the lessons I learned in the Savvy Tech Training Lab when I booked my first official Pinterest VA client.

I make no guarantees that it will be that easy, but what I can guarantee that by following the trainings and courses found within the Savvy Tech training lab that you will develop skills that will help you succeed as a virtual assistant.

computer with image of sales page for savvy tech training lab

Savvy Tech Training Lab – Course Overview:

The Savvy Vault Training Lab is a membership based program. It consists of a collection of tech trainings and tutorials that focus on developing skills and learning tools that are appropriate for a virtual assistant. Each month a new training course is added to the membership site based on the needs and interests of the members.

savvy tech training lab for virtual assistants

Let’s take a moment to consider the type of services you may offer as a virtual assistant. Below I have listed different types of services you can offer as a virtual assistant and what Savvy Tech trainings that will benefit you the most to be able to develop those skills.

Social Media Management – Learn how to effectively manage your client’s online social media presence. There are courses for various social media platforms.

  • Facebook: Facebook Management Training, Facebook Strategies, Facebook Ads Training, Messenger Bots
  • Instagram: Instagram training, Instastories,
  • Pinterest: Pinterest Training, Tailwind, Pinterest VA Management

savvy tech training lab for virtual assistants

Email Marketing– Learn the foundations of email marketing as a VA and set up email automations for your client. Here are the Savvy Tech trainings that would benefit you the most:

  • Mailchimp Training, ConvertKit Training, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Lead Pages, Funnels & ClickFunnels

Graphics Creation – Easily create blog graphics for your client. Savvy Tech has trainings ready for you to increase your skills related to design.

  • Branding and Design Training, Canva Training

Course Creation – Learn the ins and outs of what it takes to create a digital course and help your client with setting up and maintaining a course with these easy to follow Savvy Tech trainings:

  • Course Creation Masterclass, Teachable Tutorial, Thinktific, Webinar Training

Productivity – Being able to manage your time and have systems in place is foundational skills for a virtual assistant. Check out these courses in the Savvy Tech Training Lab:

  • Productivity Ninja, Trello Training, Business Tools, Get Started with Dubsabo, Productivity Mama

Blog Management – Knowing your way around a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or Squarespace is essential. Savvy Tech has trainings that will get you familiar with these CMS so you can offer blog management services.

  • Beginner SEO Training, WordPress 101, WordPress Training, Squarespace Training

Additional Courses – Being a virtual assistant is no one size fits all. Here are additional Savvy Tech trainings that didn’t fit directly in the categories above.

  • Podcast Management, Zoom,  BeLive.TV, Shopify Training, Digital Product Delivery: SendOwl,  Influencer Outreach, YouTube, Amazon Store Set up, Amazon Store Maintenance

Course Bonus

The Savvy Tech Training Lab also comes with access to a Private Members Only Facebook group where you can ask questions and receive feedback in real time.

savvy tech training facebook group bonus

How much does the Savvy Vault Training Lab cost?

There are two payment plans available. You can either pay monthly at $47 per month or pay for the lifetime membership. It is nice to have the option to pay month to month. This way you get access to all of the courses as soon as you sign up, but only be a member for as long as you want.

My Recommendation:

After enrolling in the course make sure you set time aside each week for personal development so you can work through the tech trainings that are most important to you and that will take you where you want to go with your VA business.

If you want to learn the necessary skills and tech to be successful as a virtual assistant then definitely check out the Savvy Vault Training Lab it is a good investment into your VA business.